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Sl.No Title Author Posted Date Download
1 Preparation, characterisation and chromium (VI) sorption activity of Heptylidene chitosan P. Alikutty and N. Nasiya 02 April 2019
2 Genetic diversity and phylogenetic analysis of Apanteles taragamae viereck by molecular barcoding using COI gene sequences K. Rukhsana and C. D. Sebastian 02 April 2019
3 A note on the record of Sahyadri Gaudy Baron Euthalia lubentina arasada Fruhstorfer, 1913 (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) from a sub-tropical countryside habitat in Kerala, India K. S. Anoop, Das Divin Murukesh, and Fathima Suhra 02 April 2019
4 Analysis on the Causes for Using Endosulfan in Agriculture by Induced Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (IFCM) K.Sivakamasundari and M.V.Smitha 02 April 2019
5 Physico-Chemical and Bacteriological Analysis of drinking well water samples around D.G.M.M.E.S Mampad College C. H. Rinsha and P. Asokan 02 April 2019
6 Preparation, Characterisation and Hg(Ii) Sorption Activity of Citralidene Chitosan Alikutty Pukkunnummal 02 April 2019
7 Bio-efficacy of microbial, chemical and conventional treatments against Spodoptera litura infesting gerbera plants C. Shilpa and K. M. Remia 02 April 2019
8 Embedded Markov Chain of an M/G/1 Retrial Queue V. Abdul Rof 02 April 2019
9 Benzylation of Toluene Over Sulphated Mesoporous Zirconia K. Aswathy and E. Nissam 02 April 2019
10 Supporting class room teaching with virtual labs –for enhancing the effectiveness of science learning K. Habeeb Rahiman 02 April 2019
11 CUBE HARMONIUS LABELING Rafia Yoosuf And Preethi K 08 April 2019

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